Feminine Connection Course

Hey mama! I'm Sophie.

I created Feminine Connection Course because I want women to feel connected to their body's not OVERWHELMED and DISCOURAGED.

Listen, I used to be at total odds with my body, like, it was enemy #1.  I would cry over what I saw in the mirror, change my outfits a hundred times, count calories so I could eat less, exercise to try and burn off what little I did eat and DREADED my period every month.

I didn't understand my feminine body at all.  

I didn't know my menstrual phases and just how much they affect how we feel and show up every single day!  

I didn't realize that certain ingredients could negatively affect my hormones, energy levels and skin.  

I thought having awful period cramps was normal and something I just had to live with!  

I believed weight loss was the solution to all of my problems! 

I convinced myself I couldn't wear all of the cute outfits I wanted to because of my size and shape.

I wish I'd had a program like FCC back then. It would have really opened my eyes and changed so much- like, hello! I would have realized my body was AMAZING and worthy of love and respect exactly the way it was. I would have known how to INTUITIVELY NOURISH myself rather than to listen to external food + body rules that never served me well.

This course will help you navigate through the trenches (aka being a woman in today's weight-obsessed society) so you can get on the path of self love + respect.  

Please, don't do what I did and try to do it all alone.  We are in this TOGETHER.  Let me use my knowledge, tools and expertise to support and guide you.

What People are Saying

I loved getting all the information on what foods help with mood especially during your period. I wasn't familiar with the cycling but all the information has really helped. I was always embarrassed by "aunt flow" but now I embrace it!
I wish I had learned all of this sooner! But I'm glad I'll be able to teach my daughter now.
Loving the course! I'm learning so much and am excited to put it all into action!
This course is powerful, insightful and educational. I'm so much closer to truly understanding how my hormones play into my daily life and paying more attention to my cycle (using the phases of the moon).. I am more aware of my moods, especially when I interact with my children and when I think I am hungry.


What You Get

  • Access to 4 content-pack modules plus BONUSES
  • Go at your own pace with lifetime access!
  • Includes more than 12 educational ebooks + audios + printables
  • Option to book 1 or 4 60min sessions with me at half price
  • Ask questions and leave comments on the course materials and I will reply!
  • Email access to me, a certified health coach and nutrition therapist!

Course Materials

Setting Goals audio
7 mins
Setting an Intention audio
3 mins
Module 1 - Hormones
Balancing Hormones ebook
714 KB
Eating for your hormones ebook
21.9 MB
Birth Control + Hormones ebook
7.28 MB
Seed Cycling ebook
7.16 MB
Product Recommendations
1.66 MB
Module 2 - Menstrual Cycle Phases
Menstrual Cycle Phases ebook
2.72 MB
PMS Rescue ebook
1.09 MB
Feminine Care Products ebook
5.63 MB
155 KB
Product Recommendations
1.77 MB
Module 3 - Self Love
Intuitive Eating ebook
1.82 MB
Body Love ebook
14.8 MB
Creating a Wardobe You Love ebook
8.24 MB
Self Acceptance audio
6 mins
What is Self Care audio
4 mins
Self Love Meditation audio
5 mins
Relationship with Yourself audio
3 mins
Listening to Your Body audio
4 mins
Gratitude audio
4 mins
Product Recommendations
1.53 MB
Module 4 - Toxins
Stress ebook
1.91 MB
Liver Support ebook
2.57 MB
Food Sensitivies ebook
4.41 MB
Ingredients to Avoid
66.1 KB
Xenoestrogens + Endocrine Disruptors
86.7 KB
Product Recommendations
1.51 MB
1 Week of Meal Ideas with Recipes
11.2 MB
Skincare Cycle Phases
812 KB


How long do I have access to the course for?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Will I lose weight?

I have no idea. This course is not about weight loss. It's about so much more! Your overall health is so much more important so let's focus on that!

Will new content be added?

Yes! I am always adding new content and while sometimes that means the price goes up for new customers- for you it's free!

About Me

I help mamas make peace with their body's and find freedom with food through intuitive eating + cycle synching.

I spent an entire decade dieting and all if really did was make me MORE uncomfortable in my body and feel LESS sure of what I should be eating! I had a horrible relationship with food and my body!

Now I practice intuitive eating, mindful movement and I feel at home in my body because I've stopped trying to shrink it.