Understand your body.
Nourish your body.
Respect your body.

Hey mama

Are you tired of thinking every new diet will be the one to finally work for you?
Have you been feeling disconnected from your post-babies body?
Are you tired of counting calories and judging your self worth by the numbers on a scale?

Do you dread trying on clothes or getting dressed for a social event because you're unhappy with your body?
Do you wake up tired (even if you slept 8 hrs) and rely on caffeine to get you going every morning?
Do you often feel bloated and uncomfortable after eating?
Do you associate exercise only with burning off what you ate or trying to change your appearance?
Do you feel like your cravings are out of control and you're "weak" when you give in to them?

What if I told you...
You could eat in a way that makes you feel nourished, energized and HAPPY?
You could intuitively know what is and what isn't right for your unique body?
You could eat the foods you want without guilt or shame?
You could love what you see in the mirror?

This is for you.

For the mom who wants to make peace with her body and find freedom with food so she can stop dieting and start living!

About Me

I help mamas make peace with their body's and find freedom with food through intuitive eating + cycle synching.

I spent an entire decade dieting and all if really did was make me MORE uncomfortable in my body and feel LESS sure of what I should be eating! I had a horrible relationship with food and my body!

Now I practice intuitive eating, mindful movement and I feel at home in my body because I've stopped trying to shrink it.

Feminine Connection Course

Body Talk: How to Listen to Your Body

Lifting Lettuce were created to empower women to reconnect to their bodies- to ditch the diets and learn how to actually support their health and wellbeing in an intuitive, positive way.

I dieted for over a decade, lost a bunch of weight but still felt so unhappy with my body. I knew losing more weight or reaching new fitness goals wasn't the answer... but what was? Learning how to listen to and understand my body! I embraced intuitive eating and learned how to live in sync with my fluctuating hormones. I quit the body shaming, exercise obsession and food restricting. I created these courses to help you escape diet culture so that you can actually feel confident in your body and find joy in the foods you eat.

Client Love

Trusted source for healthy living. I can easily trust if you’ve been using the product or doing a technique that it is safe and worthwhile for me to try it as well. Your intuitive / mindful eating tips have been shifting my way of life- much appreciated!
Sophie has a smile that will light up a room. Her eyes show her passion for life and helping others. When you visit with her, you can tell how incredibly genuine and honest her heart is.
A fellow vegan Mama who knows a great recipe for almost anything plant based.  We connected online and felt like friends even before we met in person.  Sophie is warm, approachable, and knowledgeable.  Her confidence and love for her own body had me immediately wanting to know more so I could apply and practice it in my own life.  So grateful to know and work with her.
One thing that I struggled with when it came to weight loss was the mental part. I was too hard on myself. I didn't know how to even start loving myself or trying to put myself first. Sophie helped me take baby steps into doing this. I learned that by putting myself first, making myself healthy not only makes me a better person and a better mother but sets up a great model for my daughter to learn from. I went from never taking any time for myself to scheduling a Epsom Salt bath or scheduling a float. Because when you're a mother, you can easily schedule everyone else but can leave yourself out.
I wanted to start working on breaking my sugar/carb addiction and my reliance on on-going snacks - a reliance so strong that I was doubtful about being able to give them up for only one day. But I did, thanks to Sophie, and her crystal-clear, sensible eating plan. The food was delicious, Sophie was supportive without being rah-rah (which I don’t relate to very well :-)) and I feel terrific today! I lost a bit of weight and gained a lot of strength regarding my eating habits. 
Sophie helped me lay out a solid plan how to obtain a healthy lifestyle and continue a healthy way of life. I first started with one-to-one and was able to get a good foundation and self awareness to where my healthy lifestyle lacked and was strong.  I have lowered my cholesterol, lost weight, and gained a ton of energy and focused drive from the knowledge, support and understanding Sophie has aided me.   I can't wait to see how far I can go with my ongoing healthy lifestyle! 5 stars to Sophie and lifting lettuce!
It's been really great having a person giving me ideas and suggestions; just being there. It helps knowing I’m not the only one going through this.  I'm feeling so much better about myself.